Thursday, 6 November 2014

Getting cosy

So the weather has turned cold, and my thoughts have turned inwards. Autumn is usually thought to be an introspective time of year. Some of my happier occupations in the last few weeks have been lighting candles and admiring their glow, and knitting up cosy articles to help me get through the cold, dark part of the year.

One of my favourite candle holders is this one, which is black with a gold inside and cut out star shapes all over. I love the way it throws star shapes across the wall. It just screams 'Autumn' and 'cosy' and 'magic' to me!

Whilst enjoying the candlelight, I've been indulging in some contemplative knitting. You probably know the kind I mean - where its so simple you can let your mind wander whilst working, and not have to worry about making mistakes.

I'm trying to knit up a stripy hot water bottle cosy. I'm making it up as I go along, and it's just simple stocking stitch with evenly spaced stripes. I love the simplicity of knitted stripes in two colours. Too many coloured stripes, and it starts to loose it's appeal for me.

Hope you're all staying cosy too! Back again soon.

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